Wildfire Litigation in California

Over 95% of the fires in California and many in other states are human-caused. Occasionally lightning strikes cause fires, but more often fires are caused by thoughtless and careless human behavior.

High winds can whip the fires, sometimes putting them out of control of firefighters, who risk their lives to protect us and our property.

The consequences of a fire can be catastrophic – death, injury, the killing of stock and pets, and damage to or total destruction of homes, personal possessions, cherished items, agricultural operations, home businesses, vehicles, equipment – the list goes on and on.

Whether a legal remedy exists for harm caused by fire depends on the circumstances of how a fire starts. An abandoned campfire or discarded cigarette by unknown persons is unlikely to lead to any remedy. But negligent failures by electric utilities to inspect or maintain their power lines, faulty equipment, or careless use of equipment by a company or government can lead to full and fair compensation for residents and businesses harmed by fire – if the case is done correctly.

The Tosdal Law Firm offers legal representation as wildfire lawyers against persons and/or entities responsible for fires.

Our experience is deep and wide in these cases, and we are very proud of our record. We offer our representation in the appropriate case on a pure contingency basis. That means our clients pay nothing “up front,” we advance case costs, and we earn a fee and recover our costs only if we succeed. And the important part – you control whether you settle or we take your case to trial.

For a more detailed explanation of our experience, please go to the bio page of attorney Tom Tosdal.

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