Business Litigation

In our San Diego business litigation practice, we focus on helping corporate clients resolve complex business disputes as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. While this occasionally means going to trial, more often than not, it means finding a way to negotiate an amicable resolution that protects our client’s interests without the burdens of protracted litigation.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in informal dispute resolution, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and state and federal litigation. And, while we prepare each case for the possibility of trial, we focus our efforts on securing the leverage needed to negotiate favorable settlements out of court.

We regularly represent clients in cases involving fiduciary duties, partner and shareholder agreements, disputes with competitors, contractual representations and warranties, deficient contract performance, insurance coverage, and other business-related legal matters. With more than 40 years of experience, we have represented energy companies, utilities, agriculture businesses, startups, and other companies throughout Southern California.

If you are facing a potential business dispute, taking a proactive approach can help mitigate the potential costs and consequences involved. Our business litigation attorneys are here to help, and we are available to take action immediately if prompt action is necessary to protect your company’s financial interests.

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Energy Law

We have particular experience in the area of energy law. For years, we have represented energy companies and utilities facing energy and regulatory law issues in San Diego, working closely with our clients and the relevant government agencies to achieve outcomes that help keep our clients’ projects moving forward. We regularly deal with matters of local, state, and federal law. Our attorneys routinely appear before regulatory boards and other jurisdictional authorities to resolve matters involving Community Choice Aggregation programs, grid modernization projects, power purchase agreements, renewable energy interconnection and integration, renewable energy project development, siting proceedings, and other energy-related issues on behalf of our clients.

In addition to our regulatory practice, we also represent energy clients in contract negotiations and complex litigation. We advise clients regarding the Solar Rights Act, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, and other laws, and we help our clients avoid traps in transactions and litigation that can lead to unintended and costly consequences. As with all other areas of our litigation practice, we view going to trial as a last resort, and we seek to quickly and favorably resolve our clients’ disputes using the various alternative means that we have available.

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Fire Damage

We represent residential property owners and businesses throughout Southern California in fire damage litigation and insurance claims. We bring decades of experience to holding insurance companies accountable under the terms of their policies, and we have resolved countless insurance disputes through informal settlements and, when necessary, representation in the California courts. If you need a fire damage lawyer in San Diego, we can act quickly to assess your losses and will fight aggressively ensure that you do not fall victim to bad faith insurance practices.

Our experience includes representing clients in insurance claims and litigation involving home damage and commercial, industrial, and business fires. We also have particular experience in cases involving wildfires caused by construction companies and utility power lines. We help our clients secure the funds they need to rebuild and replace their property as quickly as possible; and, when fires result in serious injuries or death, we make sure our clients receive the full financial compensation they deserve.

If you need a property damage lawyer in San Diego, we encourage you to contact us promptly. You do not want to make mistakes that the insurance companies can use to reduce or deny your claim. We can deal with the insurance companies for you, and we will advise you of the steps you need to take in order to protect your legal rights.

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Land Use

Our land use practice includes representing residential, commercial, and agricultural clients in administrative matters and both formal and informal dispute resolution proceedings. We routinely handle matters of regulatory law in San Diego and throughout Southern California, and we have appeared on behalf of numerous clients before administrative agencies and in state and federal court.

In the area of land use and regulation, our services include providing legal advice representation for compliance with energy laws and regulations, disputes involving easements and rights of way, eminent domain and condemnation proceedings, entitlement and permit applications, variance and conditional use permit applications, utility trespass disputes, and zoning appeals. We also routinely represent clients in development agreement negotiations and other project-related transactions, and we have successfully represented numerous clients in private land use litigation.

With our focus on energy law, we have particular experience resolving issues on behalf of renewable energy companies, utilities, and energy project developers. However, we are available to represent all types of property owners and businesses confronted with land use issues, and we take a personalized and detail-oriented approach which ensures that each client has the best opportunity to secure the best possible outcome in light of the unique facts and circumstances at hand.

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