For Attorneys

Often, attorneys need to collaborate with other attorneys to share expenses, pre-trial work, and trial representation.  Sometimes attorneys for a variety of good reasons just need to refer a case to another attorney with more specialized experience.

Tosdal Law Firm welcomes working with other attorneys to bring a case home successfully.  We also accept referrals of the right kind of case, for which we will pay a healthy referral fee to the referring attorney, so long as the client consents.

Tom and Ty Tosdal have plenty of experience partnering with other firms and attorneys on large cases. We are presently working with other attorneys and firms representing plaintiffs in the 2007 San Diego fire cases and in the 2011 Las Conchas fire cases. Often, two or more sets of minds serve a client better than one.  Partnering with other firms and attorneys helps lighten the work load and evens the playing field when a defendant brings out the “big guns” of a large firm to bury its opposition in paper.  Getting past the paper and into settlement or trial is the key.  Then the tables are turned, and the big firms are at a disadvantage.

Tosdal Law Firm welcomes discussion with any attorney or firm seeking to refer a case to us or join forces to pursue one. Just call us at (858) 704-4709.  Whatever financial arrangement is made among us will depend on our confidential discussions.