Wrongful Termination

Sometimes an employer crosses the line of what is legal and unlawfully fires an employee from his or her job.  The consequences can be devastating to the employee and his or her family.  All of a sudden, the employee’s family’s financial health is at risk, and bills are not getting paid. Getting a new job may be difficult and take a long time, especially with a termination on the employee’s record.  Unlawful termination hurts more than an employee’s wallet.  Work gives us all pride, dignity, and a sense of accomplishment, which is stripped away from an employee who is unlawfully terminated by his or her employer.

Wrongful TerminationNot all employment terminations are illegal. But some are.  All employers who terminate an employee unlawfully need to be brought to account in a court of law, not only to fully compensate the terminated employee but also to teach the employer not to do it again to someone else.

Tosdal Law Firm has almost 40 years of court room and arbitration experience representing employees who have been unjustly terminated from their employment. With the right case, justice will be served.

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