Property Damage

A major fire or flood can cause significant property damage and have a dramatic effect on a person’s life and financial condition.  Regardless of the type of damage, a catastrophic event may change the course of a person’s life or harm a profitable business.  It may take years to recover from losing a home or property used for business purposes.

Property DamageIndividuals or corporations may be legally responsible for causing damage through negligence, trespass or nuisance.  Government may also be held responsible for property damage under the “takings” provision of the Constitution, whether or not government has condemned property through eminent domain proceedings.

Retaining an attorney to pursue legal action can help a property owner obtain the compensation to which he or she is entitled and put a property owner back on track, personally and financially.  Tosdal Law Firm has built a track record securing compensation for individuals and businesses whose property  has been damaged.

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