Personal Injury

Despite all of our efforts to keep ourselves and our families safe, there are still some people and companies that fail to take enough care to keep us safe from actual physical injury. When a human being is hurt or killed because of the lack of care of another, what happened is not an “accident.”  What happened is a legal wrong that can and should be remedied in court.

Personal InjuryLegal wrongs resulting in physical injury or death can happen on land or in the ocean in all sorts of circumstances: boating collisions, personal water craft injuries, unsafe machinery, careless drivers, and so on.

How well an attorney does in getting full compensation for his client depends on his or her experience, skill, determination, and the resources the attorney and his or her firm brings to the case. Decades of experience, and a high level of skill and determination are shown by the results of successful jury trials and settlements Tom has obtained for injured clients.  This firm has plenty of resources to complete the job.

It seems like almost every attorney’s website claims to practice personal injury law.  Why is that?  Because some personal injury attorneys pursue their cases aggressively and to trial, if need be, and others settle quickly for less than full recovery. Retaining an attorney to represent you or a member of your family in a personal injury case is a big decision; it is best to choose wisely.

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